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Wera Belt B Deep 1 Zyklop Bit Socket Set

Wera Belt B Deep 1 Zyklop Bit Socket Set


3/8" drive Zyklop bit sockets.

- 9-piece socket set on robust textile belt 3/8
- Smooth Twist to Unlock mechanism for a secure fit and simple removal of the sockets
- Long 3/8" socket for low-profile-fitting screw connections in tight construction spaces and for protruding threaded rods
- Hexagonal profile enables precise and profile-preserving screwdriving with high power transmission
- With Take-it-easy tool finder: color coding by size
- 1x Belt B Deep 1 socket set, 3/8" drive, 9 pieces
- 9x 8790 HMB Deep 3/8" socket: 8.0x64.0, 10.0x64.0, 12.0x64.0, 13.0x64.0, 15.0x64.0, 16.0x64.0, 17.0x64.0, 18.0x64.0, 19.0x64.0
- 1x Socket rail B (textile belt), 9 location, unloaded, 45 x 310 mm
- 1x Hook-and-Loop Fastener Strips 30, 200 x 30 mm

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to